What a difference 1000° makes! Same clay body (stoneware); same glaze (Amaco Northern Lights); different temperature (and duration obviously—because it takes longer for the kiln to get up to temp). The cylinder on the left was fired at 1930, and the vase on the right at 1830.

The cylinder was never supposed to amount to much. After bisquing, I was going to toss it because...boring. But in the interest of raku research, I slapped some glaze on there and fired it up with Ellen's pieces. Glazed worked out!  but still... boring-ish, so in the interest of basket weaving skill-stretching, I played around with the cylinder form. (Cylinders are hard). And just for the heck of it I added a raku-fired ring with a few pine needles stuck through it. Now we're gettin' fancy!